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Tuesday, March 25 2008, #057 (1573)

Opposition rally for Imedi TV, against wishes of founder’s widow

Shortly before an opposition rally in support of Imedi TV yesterday, the widow of the embattled station’s founder released a statement saying she did not want Imedi to be “politicized.” (more)

GPB candidates demand transparent selection

Five candidates for the position of director general of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) called yesterday on the board of directors to televise the selection process to ensure transparency. (more)

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It will take more than quarantine to save this opposition campaign

Hunger striking opposition campaigners briefly quarantined themselves over the weekend, an apt metaphor for their approach to politics this month. (more)

Young Georgians looking to Azerbaijan for work

Young Georgians are keen to go in search of jobs abroad, and Azerbaijan appears to be increasing its appeal to unemployed youth alongside the traditionally popular destinations of Turkey, Greece, US, UK and Germany. (more)

Azerbaijani opposition taking notes on Georgia and Armenia?

With a presidential election slated for autumn in Azerbaijan, analysts have warned that the political opposition in Baku may be closely observing the tactics of their Georgian and Azerbaijani counterparts, who both lost in recent disputed elections and took to the streets in protest. (more)

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“Gia Khukhashvili: The foreign debt cannot be successfully paid!” (more)

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