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Was last week’s NATO summit a win or a loss for Georgia?

Tuesday, April 8

“I don’t want to admit it, but it was Russia’s win.”
Khatuna, housewife, 48

“A win, of course. The toughest part is past, and NATO’s door is really open for us.”
Zura, student, 21

“We received some guarantees that we will join NATO next year, but what worries me is Russia’s influence over some European countries, and especially over Germany. I really didn’t expect that from them. We will have won if we really get a MAP.”
Gaga, economist, 32

“It was our loss, everyone knows that. But Saakashvili and his allies are fooling themselves, saying that Georgia will definitely get a MAP in the near future. While they’re still in power we won’t be joining NATO, I’m sure of that.”
Manana, teacher, 53

“Georgians wish to join NATO, and it will happen soon. Our country has a lot of problems these days, but I am hopeful that we will win and Russia will lose!”
Nodar, architect, 29

“I never liked Russians. They are our enemy, and they are the reason we didn’t get a MAP. I don’t want them to interfere in our affairs—it’s the 21st century and we want freedom!”
Anano, student, 18

“Of course it was a loss. Our president thinks we’re amoebas.”
Nato, baker, 28

“It was a loss. There’s no point talking about it any more; our government is just trying to convince us that it’s a great victory. It was a failure, and we must believe the truth and not the fantasy.”
Aleko, dancer, 33

“It was a complete loss. I believe in real consequences, and not our officials’ self-delusions. They can delude themselves. The Georgian people are too wise to be cheated.”
Nazi, pensioner, 77