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Should Georgia make concessions to Russia for the sake of its territorial integrity?

Wednesday, April 23

“No way, we have been Russia’s slaves for a long time and I don’t want see my country in the same position again.”
Mariam, student, 20

“No, we have already made a lot of concessions and the result is nothing.”
Davit, banker, 26

“If Russia stops its annexation policy towards Georgia and its threats to recognize the breakaway regions, then the Georgian government should make concessions, otherwise: by no means.”
Nona, teacher, 49

“Sure, if it helps us to regain our territories then Georgia should make concessions. But I don’t expect anything from Russia.”
Ketevan, chemist, 43

“How many concessions do we need to make to regain our territories? It’s unfair! I don’t want to hear the word ‘Russia,’ I hate them.”
Tako, student, 19

“If we get guarantees that it supports our territorial integrity then Georgia should make concessions but at this moment I can’t see anything like this happening. Russia will not give us Abkhazia. That is a fact.”
Irakli, lecturer, 39

“This question is extremely sacred for Georgian people and our officials have to be a little more careful when dealing with the issue.”
Lia, psychiatrist, 52

“We must make any concessions necessary to avoid another war. Our officials must do their best to avoid escalating the tension, because it’s the lives of our young generation that are at stake. We won’t get over another war.”
Lolita, pensioner, 72

“Yes, Georgia must give concessions. Russia isn’t called the big bear for no reason. No country would confront Russia on Georgia’s behalf…We must be more sensible and not let our national pride lead to loss of life. It isn’t worth it.”
Nona, hairdresser, 25