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Did Irakli Okruashvili deserve political asylum?

Thursday, April 24

“He was a political prisoner here, so he deserved political asylum. But we all know he is a criminal and an evil man. When I recall what he did while he was a minister, I become sure that he should be punished—but in a legal way, not politically.”
Marina, lecturer, 47

“Sure, because the French court is more democratic than in Georgia, and they discussed his case with more objectivity than here.”
Natela, pensioner, 70

“Okruashvili definitely deserved political asylum. Not to mention he will be a father soon, and his newly-born child does not deserve to grow up without a father.”
“Nino, PR manager, 30

“He deserved it, because extradition to Georgia would be fatal for him.”
Giga, banker, 26

“I think everyone should answer for his or her crimes. In this case, Okruashvili is as much a criminal as [President Mikheil] Saakashvili, so both of them should be in jail.”
Manana, housewife, 48

“Okruashvili did lots of bad things. He is a criminal, but still I think France made the right decision.”
Misha, economist, 31

“Yes, he deserved it, and I’m glad he has the right to live in Paris. The French court said the Georgian courts are doing Saakashvili’s bidding.”
Neli, babysitter, 37

“Do you know why I’m sorry to hear this news? Because many innocent people are in jail for years, and real criminals are outside and abroad.”
Lali, pharmacist, 50

“Yes, he deserved asylum. He’s guilty of many crimes, but he will be punished by God.”
Givi, builder, 54