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Which television station will you watch for election coverage this week?

Monday, May 19
I would watch Imedi TV if they were showing news, but now I dont know. Maybe the public broadcaster; its more balanced than the others.
Nana, teacher, 37

Rustavi 2. Their information isnt very objective, but their staff is hard working and efficient.
Levan, banker, 25

If I watch TV, I watch Rustavi 2. That wont change this week.
Nini, student, 20

I wont. Im sick and tired of this whole mess.
Nargiza, saleswoman, 53

I watch international channels, because I cant stand all this politics any more.
Eka, philologist, 25

I dont watch much television, but for official results Ill probably turn on Rustavi 2.
Nino, translator, 22

All the channels are under government control now; I think the public broadcaster is the least controlled.
Zurab, philologist, 46

I dont watch TV at alltheres no point. Im getting all my information from the internet.
Otari, architect, 26