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Prepared by Eter Tsotniashvili
Tuesday, May 20
“National Movement acknowledged that it is not a party any more”

In an interview with Akhali Taoba, independent MP Lado Papava said that the National Movement displayed political weakness by running a slate of novice candidates:

Political leaders should be present in party lists, according to Papava.

“When Giga Bokeria and Maia Nadiradze are not in their party list that is already a signal that this party is not a party. Those people who were faces of National Movement are not in ruling party’s list, although there appeared new faces who may be become politicians tomorrow but society does not recognize them as politicians. I mean, the first twenty people in their list do not have any connection with politics. Some are respected in society but I am surprised why they have chosen to join this party after the events of November 7.”

“Labor accuses Giorgi Asanidze’s headquarters of tearing down election posters”

Akhali Taoba writes on Labor’s accusations that workers for the ruling party candidate in Tbilisi’s Gldani district, Giorgi Asanidze, are shredding their campaign posters:

According to Labor they put up election posters for Shalva Natelashvili and Giorgi Gugava in the night, but the next day all of them were tore down, and instead of their posters there were Asanidze’s posters.

“We have become accustomed to violations of our offices in the regions, tearing down posters, but nothing has happened like this before. This is not human behavior to follow the opponents’ steps and hang your posters over opponents’. They don’t know what to do, and I suppose they will come soon here, in front of our offices, and stick their smiley faces on the door. This is just their ‘Action, not words’ [slogan],” Labor’s Giorgi Gugava said.

“A rebellion requires two things—desire and ability; I think the first thing exists but have doubts about the second one”

Former defense minister Irakli Okruashvili, who recently received political asylum in France, told Kviris Palitra the opposition does not have the ability to organize a rebellion:

“Rebellion and organization of protest against the authorities takes two components—desire and ability. I think the first component probably exists, but I doubt the second does. There is one more issue—if one decides [on a rebellion] he never shouts about it in advance and does it without bragging,” Okruashvili said.

Okruashvili talked about the election campaign and said that events are developing very quietly, as if nothing has happened over the past five to six months.

“Saakashvili has done one thing perfectly; he has managed to change a public campaign against him into his individual campaign,” Okruashvili said, adding that the leaders of the opposition campaigns will be responsible for their own success or misfortune after the elections.

“The best result of elections—an opposition majority”

Davit Usupashvili, leader of the Republicans, which departed from the united opposition coalition earlier this year, says the best possible result of parliamentary elections would be an opposition majority, Kviris Palitra writes:

Usupashvili said he thinks this is what society wants.

“In order to remain a part of the opposition coalition the Republican Party did everything that it could and more,” Usupashvili said.

He also said that parliamentary elections, which will be held on May 21, are of critical importance as this is when Georgia will decide its fate.