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Should the opposition accept posts from the government?

Tuesday, June 10
“I think so—that’s the only way to solve this situation.”
Alex, IT worker, 27

“No, because that means they implicitly recognize the rigged elections. And parliament would still be in the hands of [President Mikheil] Saakashvili.”
Nika, office manager, 34

“They should accept the posts but demand concessions from the government to gain more influence.”
Rusiko, law student, 24

“Yes, they should. They have reached a deadlock. They don’t have any way out. It’s unpleasant, of course, but they have to do it.”
Mariami, nurse, 39

“No. They must fight to the end. But it’s a pity opposition figures are slowly quitting the United Opposition as time wears on.”
Nukri, builder, 27

“No. There would be no sense in doing this. What would they do in parliament? They have too few seats to influence decisions.”
Nino, teacher, 57

“I really don’t know. Whatever they do, the ruling party has the majority and will find a way to do anything they want.”
Misha, professor, 66

“Well, I don’t know what these posts mean. I leave the room whenever my husband turns on the TV to watch politics.”
Nato, housewife, 52

“Well, if they have any pride or principles, they won’t accept anything from Saakashvili, who has rigged two elections already this year. But I doubt they have any, so I guess they’ll accept something.”
Gia, driver, 34