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Thursday, June 12 2008, #109 (1625)

Agreement reached in government talks

The Christian Democratic Movement has reached an agreement with the ruling party, paving the way for it to take up the seats it won in last month’s parliamentary elections, following a second round of talks on June 12. (more)

Five injured in South Ossetia shootout

The uncle of former defense minister Irakli A shootout in the breakaway region of South Ossetia this weekend left several people injured as both sides traded accusations over how the incident began. (more)

Poll shows rising perception in Georgia that people fearful of voicing political views

A Gallup poll suggests the perception in Georgia that most or many people are fearful of expressing their political views doubled between 2006 and 2007. (more)

The News in Brief

AWOL peacekeeper found (more)

Georgia, Russia and energy

Russia “wielding the energy weapon” is a well-worn topic in the European media. When Moscow turned off gas supplies to Ukraine two years ago, governments across the continent were reminded of the political clout such a large energy supplier as Russia possesses. And they were also reminded of the importance of alternatives. (more)

Georgia not to participate in Russia WTO talks

Georgia will not take part in talks on a working group’s report on Russian accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva today, a government official said at the weekend. (more)

Azerbaijani says no long-term gas contract for Georgia

Azerbaijani Energy Minister Natik Aliev has said that Azerbaijan will opt for short-term natural gas agreements with Georgia instead of a long-term contract. (more)

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“Giorgi Gamsakhurdia had a car accident”

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