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Is Georgia benefiting from its friendship with America?

Wednesday, June 25
Today’s Q & A is a reprint from January this year:

“America obviously supports Georgia, which I welcome. Our country needs not just America’s help, but that of the whole world.”
Mariam, student, 20

“If you mean George Soros’ money and his support, then yes, but it’s not Georgia that’s benefiting—it’s just Saakashvili and his government.”
Nana, unemployed, 46

“America is our friend. They support our country, and they support the way Saakashvili chose, the way of democracy.”
Irakli, economist, 30

“I really don’t understand what America wants from us. They certainly aren’t supporting us because they love our country and our people.”
Zviad, taxi driver, 54

“I think people put too much faith in our relationship with America. The American government simply wants to use Georgia for its own interests. I think we should be careful.”
Tea, journalist, 27

“I think it’s good that we’re friends with America, but my question is whether America really cares about Georgia, and if they’re ready to help us in a tough situation. I’m afraid that America will step back when Georgia most needs help.”
Eka, lecturer, 31

“I think you should distinguish between the American government and the American people. I’m sure the American government has their own, geopolitical interests in having Georgia as a partner. But we certainly benefit from befriending the American people.”
Ana, manager, 34

“America is a very good friend of Georgia. The opposition claims there is an anti-American hysteria starting in Georgia after the elections, but I think that’s an exaggeration.”
Marika, linguist, 29

“Georgia certainly benefits from having such a great state as its partner. The question, of course, is how much of this is real friendship and how much is each side exploiting the other.”
Luka, student, 20