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Should Georgia try to strengthen the GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova) alliance?

Tuesday, July 1
“Of course. Every alliance is good for this country. I hope it’ll help us with our struggle against Russia.”
Gia, legal specialist, 35

“I don’t know what exactly this GUAM is able to achieve. I suspect nothing much—it’s just one more thing that governments have, they meet and talk and so on. I think Georgia should take care of other, more important things: Abkhazia, for example.”
Lado, journalist, 27

“Ukraine is a great friend of our country. I am not sure about the other two. But generally, it would be nice to have more connections and projects with friendly countries.”
Eka, student, 20

“There is no point. I think our main partner should be the United States and not Moldova or Azerbaijan. Only the US can protect us from the Russians.”
Goga, artist, 55

“I don’t know much about politics. Okay, the leaders meet and talk, but how will that help me and other people?”
Vartan, chess player, 51

“It’s always good to have good relations with any country, but the main thing that Georgia should do now is solve its problems with Russia”
Davit, teacher, 47

“I don’t know for sure if GUAM is beneficial or not, but I think it’s one of those organizations just created for show, maybe to make Russia more angry.”
Madlena, lawyer, 32

“Yes, why not, Russia blocks our products so we need to find some other markets and I think GUAM helps Georgia in doing that.”
Nino, student, 21

“We need to get the maximum support from the whole world if we want to achieve anything and not be swallowed up by Russia, so GUAM may be one opportunity for that.”
Irakli, IT worker, 26