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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Tuesday, July 22
“Azerbaijani driver crashed into Greek bikers near Abasha”

Mteli Kvira reports that a road accident has left one foreign biker dead:

“A car accident happened near Abasha in which a biker, a Greek citizen, died. The Greek bikers were traveling by motorbike from Greece to China and were moving very slowly when a lorry crashed into one of them. The driver was an Azerbaijani citizen. After the accident another biker who sustained injuries was admitted to Kutaisi hospital.

The bikers are part of a Greek cultural foundation named the Routes of the Olive Tree. They started in Athens and the destination is the Olympic city Beijing. They will bring an olive tree to China.

The bikers came to Georgia from Turkey. After the accident they will continue on their way with a police escort.”

“Labor’s plans”

24 Saati reports that the Labor Party is considering boycotting the local elections:

“The Labor Party may boycott the local elections, Labor member Nestan Kirtadze has said. She said that because of the election code the Labor Party has ruled out taking part in any election.

‘Today’s election code, even on the theoretical level, does not allow for the possibility of normal elections. We think that nowadays participating in elections is nonsense,’ Kirtadze said.

She said that despite this decision the Labor Party will continue to be active. Kirtadze says that from September [Labor leader Shalva] Natelashvili plans to visit to Europe.

‘Shalva Natelashvili will visit Europe where he will meet high-level officials of different countries. We have already received confirmation from foreign countries’ officials and his visit will start at the beginning of fall,’ Kirtadze said.

“Vakhtang Kikabidze has been awarded Order of Friendship in Moscow”

Mteli Kvira reports that the Russian president gave an award to well-known Georgian singer Vakhtang Kikabidze:

“Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed the document according to which famous Georgian singer Vakhtang Kikabidze has been awarded the Russian Order of Friendship.

According to the Kremlin press center Medvedev also congratulated Kikabidze on his birthday.

‘Your brilliant musical and artistic mind, your personal attractiveness and spiritual wealth have given you public love. The movie characters you created have become legendary and their popularity has no borders. It is really your wealth and that’s why you are a desirable guest everywhere.’”

“Female inmates ended hunger strike”

Akhali Taoba reports that a number of female prisoners have ended their hunger strike for the time being:

“Female inmates on hunger strike for 15 days, demanding case reviews and better living conditions, have ended their protest.

The head of the NGO Former Political Prisoners for Human Rights, Nana Kakabadze, said the United Opposition coalition has informed foreign diplomats and other international organizations about the women’s condition. According to her if there is no response from them, the female inmates will resume their hunger strike from September.”