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Germany is playing an increasingly visible role in peace talks for Georgia’s conflicts. Do you think Berlin can be of help in resolving the conflicts?

Tuesday, July 22
“Yes, of course. Any country’s role is crucial for our conflicts. I think it is very important that Germany is being a kind neighbor for us.”
Ketino, music teacher, 37

“I don’t think any country would spoil their relationship with Russia for Georgia’s sake. I don’t believe they really want to help us to resolve our conflicts.”
Tornike, historian, 51

“Yes, I think Berlin has enough political power to help us out with the problem, though what matters are political calculations and not sympathies towards this or that country.”
Tamuna, dancer, 25

“I think they have sold us out for a little bit of cheap oil and gas. Germany is totally dependent on Russia for that and will not go against it.”
Gia, economist, 42

“Georgia must resolve its conflicts by talking with the Abkhazians, without any mediators. I don’t think Germany or anyone else can help.”
Dato, student, 23

“There’s no way Germany can overpower Russia. Russia is the main player in this. So, I don’t think they can help.”
Kako, retired, 73

“I don’t understand why Germany acts this way, they were against us entering NATO and now they’re trying to help us with Abkhazia. I think it’s really strange, they act in their own interests.”
Misha, student, 23

“I don’t think that Germany can be useful, the only country that can help us resist Russia is America.”
Roland, IT specialist, 29

“Yes, Germany is very influential. The more that powerful countries pay attention to the conflicts the more likely a solution becomes.”
Irakli, bank manager, 31