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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Friday, July 25
“Pre-election promises to be fulfilled”

24 Saati writes that the ruling party is fulfilling its election campaign promises:

“The United National Movement really fulfills its election campaign promises. On July 23 Parliamentary Speaker Davit Bakradze visited Marneuli and Bolnisi districts in Kvemo Kartli province to see some already-completed projects.

‘Many things have been done in the region. What is the most important is that after the elections all our projects are continuing. The reason for our visit is to show local residents that we are not working for the elections but for them,’ Bakradze said.”

“Labor threatening to picket banks”

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the Labor Party is threatening to picket banks for introducing a service charge to process bill payments:

“Labor Party leaders gathered in front of a branch of Bank Republic to protest additional charges.

Labour Party secretary Paata Jibladze said the majority of Tbilisi citizens are poor people and it is illegal to make them pay extra.

‘The banks spent a lot of money rigging elections and for this reason the government gave them the right to set a new rule and charge additional money,’ Jibladze stated.

The Labor Party says more than 400 000 Tbilisi citizens pay [their bills using banks] so the banks’ income is very high.

Labor members say that if charges are not cancelled they will picket the central offices of all banks from September onwards.”

“Georgian culture minister to visit Liakhvi Gorge”

Akhali Taoba reports that the culture minister has visited libraries under repairs in Tbilisi-controlled areas of South Ossetia:

“Minister of Culture, Monument Protection and Sports of Georgia Nikoloz Vacheishvili has visited Didi and Patara Liakhvi gorge.

Four libraries have been repaired in the region and the museum has received new equipment. Among the libraries repaired is the Tamarasheni library, the main library in the region. Vacheishvili presented library staff with computer and furniture.

The minister also attended a performance by IDP [refugee] children from Abkhazia at Chrdili Theater.

The theater has existed for 25 years and has had lots of success abroad with tours in the US, Germany, Turkey and France.

It is the first year Chrdili Theater has received financing from the state budget.”