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Do you think the food at Georgian McDonald’s is safe to eat?

Friday, July 25
“Maybe it’s safe, but it is so expensive it isn’t worth buying. It’s funny Georgians pay so much money for this stupid food.”
aia, teacher, 28

“I don’t know. But what happened the other day suggests it isn’t.”
Zezva, economist, 23

“People who pay so much money for McDonalds’ stupid food deserve worse then just being ill.”
Marina, nurse, 51

“I don’t like McDonalds or Coca-Cola and I never like it when young people—my daughter, for example—goes there.”
Lela, mathematician, 44

“I think that generally it must be safe. They have all the certificates and everything is standardized there.”
Gaga, manager, 33

“I don’t know and I don’t care, because the food is so disgusting that safeness is not a relevant issue for me.”
Nino, secretary, 26

“Look at what Americans look like! They are so fat because they eat so many hamburgers. Here in Georgia we have our wonderful food which is healthy and of course more tasty than hamburgers and Coca-Cola.”
Lamara, waiter, 36

“I think it’s dangerous only if you’re a regular McDonald’s customer. I rarely eat there.”
Koba, bank employee, 29

“I love it, if I had the money I’d spend all day eating there. It’s so tasty you can’t ever get enough.”
Nini, student, 18