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Do you have a favorite in the Miss Georgia competition?

Monday, July 28
This question was asked before the final results of yesterday’s Miss Georgia 2008 competition were announced. None of our respondents supported the eventual winner.

“My favorite is Keti Partsvania. I think she will become Miss Georgia.”
Nini, student, 21

“No, I don’t. I saw them on TV, but none were suitable to be Miss Georgia. There are far more beautiful girls in Tbilisi who would be more appropriate for the title. What criteria were they using to choose these girls? It’s really shameful that these girls represent our country abroad—and none of them ever come back with the Miss World crown.”
Giorgi, bank employee, 26

“I am from Rustavi and my favorite is Mari Khomasuridze, who is from my town. She’s a very nice girl, wish her luck.”
Tamuna, student, 20

“I looked at the website of Miss Georgia, and of the 20-something contenders only one or two were beautiful. I don’t have a favorite.”
Kote, student, 22

“No. With all those scandals last year [over divorcee contestants], I have no faith in the Miss Georgia competitions. I think it’s all fixed.”
Nato, housewife, 51

“My favorite is Kristine Dzidziguri, because she’s the best looking. She used to be my neighbor too. I wish her success.”
Eka, manager, 26

“I don’t watch this show. I watched the 2007 competition, and I don’t think 2008 will be any better.”
Margo, publicity assistant, 23

“I like Diana Kireeva, she’s not Georgian and I don’t think she’s got any chances, but I still support her.”
Ruslan, manager, 26

“Some of them are really nice, but I don’t know their names. I don’t vote—I just enjoy the show.”
Lasha, artist, 31