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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Wednesday, August 6
“Kazakhs show interest in Georgian vegetables”

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that Kazakh representatives have shown special interest in Georgia's agriculture during their visit to the country:

“Representatives of Kazakh agriculture sphere toured Georgian canneries in Georgian regions.

Agriculture Minister Bakur Kvezereli met with Kazakh guests where they discussed the two countries’ future plans. The sides also talked about fruit and vegetable export from Georgia.

According to the minister, Kazakhstan was interested in Georgian products, especially cucumbers, potatoes, apples, grapes and citrus.

Kvezereli said the Kazakh guests will visit almost all parts of Georgia and will end their voyage in Adjara.”

“’Kokoity Fandarast’ movement will act from September”

Akhali Taoba reports that the Tbilisi-backed anti-separatist Ossetian campaign "Kokoity Fandarast" plan to restart activity in September:

“Georgian Ossetian movement Kokoity Fandarast will renew its activity from September onwards, after a six-month hiatus.

According to movement leader Vladimir Sanakoyev, their passivity was caused by the tense political situation in Georgia and [its] two elections.

Sanakoyev said that their campaign partially showed Georgian and Ossetian people their unity.

‘During our activities in territory controlled by [separatist leader Eduard] Kokoity, nearly 200 people joined us. It is a big number considering the existing terror. We have not done anything special recently because the political situation in Georgia was tense. During this period, our members gained more experience and starting from September we will continue our activities against the Kokoity regime,’ said Sanakoyev.”

“Water is clean on Adjara seashore”

Akhali Taoba assures its readers that the waters off coastal Adjara province are safe for swimmers:

“According to the Adjaran Environment Ministry, the seawater [in Adjara] is clean and safe for swimming. Preliminary conclusions say that, unlike last year, the water is [clean.]

Specialists performed a chemical analysis in the sea and concluded that everyone can go into the water.

During the summer season specialists will [test the water] about 25 times.”