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Will you vote in the October elections?

Wednesday, August 6
“Of course I will, I always do. The bad thing is that nothing changes however you vote.”
Osman, guesthouse keeper in Chakvi, 63

“I don’t think so. All the previous years everyone was voting for Aslan [Abashidze] and now we all have to vote for the National Movement [ruling party]. There’s no point because nothing changes.”
Eka, waitress, 45

“Yes, of course. The situation is improving in Adjara, and if people make the correct choice, life will become better still.”
Zura, manager in Batumi, 32

“Yes, of course. I’m not very optimistic but I’ll vote anyway.”
Manana, street vendor in Gonio, 55

“Yes, I will. I hope something will change for the better.”
Zura, builder in Kobuleti, 57

“No, I won’t. I don’t see any sense in it. They will do what they want to anyway.”
Giorgi, ecologist in Batumi, 50

“No, there’s no point. Everyone knows that the Nationals [ruling party] will win.”
Koba, technician in Batumi, 29

“I don’t know yet. If I have free time I will vote”
Madlena, doctor in Batumi, 55

“I will not vote. I don’t care about politics, it’s boring.”
Tamuna, student in Kobuleti, 19