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Monday, August 11
Georgian internet portal "Georgia Online" stops functioning as a result of cyber-attack

One of the leading Georgian news internet resources, the information-analytical webpage "Georgia Online" ( has suffered cyber attack.

"The resource has been hacked into and completely destroyed," a statement sent to the BLACK SEA PRESS reads. Georgia Online claims the webpage has become a victim of a wilful attack on Georgian internet news resources carried out in parallel to the military operations being undertaken by the Russians.

The Georgian Interior Ministry stated earlier that the official webpages of the Georgian Foreign Ministry and other governmental bodies had also been hacked into. According to Georgia Online, the Abkhaz government web-portal / was also destroyed.

"Russia has thus declared war on Georgia not only in the military sphere, but also in the information field, restricting people’s right to freely disseminate and receive information, Georgia Online claims.

"Georgia Online has repeatedly accused Russian media sources of partiality and bias. It seems that the professional activity of Georgian information agency has caused serious concerns in Kremlin," the Georgia Online internet portal reads. (Black Sea Press)

Georgians rally at Russian Embassy

A rally was held at the Russian Embassy building in Tbilisi on Friday evening. Those who participated were objecting to Russia’s open military aggression against Georgia.

Protestors carried placards bearing slogans such as “Hear. See. Say”, “Russia – Not Peacekeeper. Russia – Aggressor”. They planned to make a human chain from the Russian Embassy to Freedom Square. (Prime-News)

Tbilisi International Airport Works As Normal

Despite recent development in Georgia, Tbilisi International Airport continues to function as normal, Prime News was told by the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia.

According to the Ministry, air links have been suspended with the Russian Federation only. (Prime-News)

Ukraine to Grant Georgia Political and Humanitarian Assistance

Konstantin Eliseev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, has stated that Ukraine is ready to give Georgia political and humanitarian assistance.

According to the minister, Ukrainian embassies actively work with international organizations and the governments of those countries they are accredited in. Referring to the present conflict, the Minister stated that the Ukrainian government has not considered the issue of military assistance as yet. Prime-News

Georgia has several months’ reserves of food and fuel

Georgia has several months’ reserve of food and fuel, meaning the population has no reason to panic, stated Vladimer Gurgenidze, Prime Minister of Georgia, at a cabinet meeting on Saturday August 9.

The Prime Minister said that the energy and transport systems were working well. GEL 8 million has been allocated from surplus funds for additional purchases. (Prime-News)