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What results do you expect from the war?

Monday, August 11
“Nothing good, what can one expect good from the war?
Dato, economist, 34

“I can’t answer. I can’t even realize what I am saying. The only feeling I have is immense hatred of Russian officials.”
Nato, psychiatrist, 25

“I am not a fortuneteller, but the only thing I know is that Russia will never fulfill its great wish to force Georgian people to their knees. We have had the worse situations but we are still alive. God bless Georgia. ”
Matsatso, sociologist, 32

“I don’t want even to think about it. When all the big world countries and international organizations avoid interference, I don’t know how this little Georgia has so much courage to stand in front of the bear with its immense gullet open and not move a step back. I admire the boldness of Georgians.”
Marita, housewife, 55

“We will win the war, even though there are so few of us compared to Russia, but this is our land and we will defend it.”
Giorgi, unemployed, 33

“I really hope that Russia will stop bombing the cities, otherwise I really don’t know what can happen. There is no way we can resist Russia with these air strikes.”
Kakha, driver, 51

“It’s very bad that the Americans did not help us. I wish they did, we would win then. now, I feel that chances are lower, but I still hope we can do it.”
Nino, cook, 31

“Nothing good, what can one expect good from the war?”
Ira, Unemployed, 45

“Russia wants to ruin us, but they can’t do it, because we are united and the whole nation is as one, we will win!”
Gia, Driver, 50

“Russia wants to invade us, South Ossetia is just a reason for them to invade our country, they can’t break us”
Mzia, teacher, 40