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How effective will international involvement be in forcing the Russian army to withdraw from Georgia?

Tuesday, August 19
“I don’t know how the world can force them to go after watching them doing what they want. It is unbearable. Why can’t anyone stop them?!”
Nunu, housewife, 54

“There is hardly a single world leader who has not visited Georgia, but the Russians are still here. I am very skeptical.”
Megi, oculist, 37

“I think they will manage to force them out. But what concerns me is that before they go, they’ll destroy everything. I can’t bear them being here already.”
Giorgi, student, 21

“Will they ever go?! I don’t believe anything will make them. It is all the same for them.”
Anano, hairdresser, 33

“Sooner or later they will go, but I am afraid they will do something awful before they finally leave. It’s already obvious that the international community can do nothing. The fact is that they are still here.”
Manuchar, athlete, 27

“It is a fact that neither the international community nor the USA can do anything against Russia. They still bomb us and stay on our territory.”
Natia, translator, 26

“I cannot see anything effective coming from the International Community. Yes, they tell Russia to withdraw its forces but without any result. Russia does not pay attention.”
Nika, student, 19

“The international Community is powerless against Russia.”
Lali, teacher, 41

“They made Russia stop bombing and firing on Georgia. I am sure they can do more good things for Georgia.
Zura, musician, 24