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How would you assess the performance of Georgian athletes at the Beijing Olympics?

Friday, August 22
“They are real heroes. I adore them. In such a negative climate they still won. They are real Georgians. If I could, I would kiss them a thousand times.”
Keti, surgeon, 38

“Oh, I am proud of them. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect them to win, but they did. They are really very cool!”
Nanuka, receptionist, 29

“I already love them very much. When I was watching them I was screaming. It was really an epoch-making moment when Kvirkvelia defeated his Russian opponent. It was really great. I could hardly control myself.”
Pikria, medical student, 25

“It was really cool. Under such nervous pressure they did their best.”
Nika, student, 21

“I liked it. There are plenty of gold medals this time. It will be interesting to see whether the government keeps its promise regarding the rewards”
Lela, pensioner, 69

“To tell the truth I have not watched any of them. I am too nervous regarding developments in Tskinvali and all over Georgia and my heart was not in the Olympics.”
Kakha, driver, 56

“We have won more gold medals than in any other Olympiad in the history of independent Georgia, so I think we actually did a really good job this time.”
Zura, manager, 35

“We could have won more medals than we did, as we had many fourth place finishes, but in general, I think the performance was satisfactory. I hope the team does better in 2012.”
Nana, interpreter, 51

“I think they should have left the Olympics because of this war. I didn’t watch any Olympics this time. It was a disgrace to participate in these games when another country is attacking yours.”
Giorgi, banker, 29