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Georgian experts donít exclude subversive actions by Russia

By M. Alkhazashvili
Friday, August 29
During the military activities on Georgian territory the Georgian energy supply system continued to function well. Electricity and natural gas remained available to subscribers. But both the electricity and gas supply systems Georgia uses belong to Russian companies. There is therefore a threat that Moscow might use them as levers of influence whilst the political dispute remains to be resolved.

Colonel Beso Aladashvili of the Georgian Intelligence Service, interviewed by Kviris Palitra, says that so far Russia has thought to defeat Georgia militarily, but having failed to do so it could now use subversive action to achieve its goals.

Moscow has already proved that it considers this a possibility, as it has undertaken some subversive actions already. The railway bridge near Kaspi was detonated, forests have been set on fire, the Poti industrial zone is blocked, and all these things happened after the Sarkozy ceasefire plan was signed.

Some Georgian analysts have long expressed their concern of the presence of Russian capital in Georgia.