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Georgia assessing its losses

By M. Alkhazashvili
Friday, August 29
Georgia cannot compensate its people for the human losses sustained during the brutal resurrection of Russia’s imperialist dogmas but it is in the process of assessing its economic losses.

Georgia has suffered both direct and indirect losses. “Direct loss” refers to the willful destruction of wealth producing objects of infrastructure, whilst “indirect loss” is the revenue deficit suffered when businesses were prevented from operating. Many indirect losses have occurred due to problems with transportation. During the military confrontation both exports from Georgia and the transit of goods through the country ceased, with the revenue deriving from these sources also not accruing in consequence.

US experts think that the reconstruction of Georgia’s damaged infrastructure will require USD 1-2 billion, while independent experts give a larger figure. Gia Khukhashvili says that both civilian and military losses should be included in the total loss figure, making this anything up to USD 15 billion.

It is clear that Georgia will not be left to rebuild its economy alone. The country is most grateful for the near-unanimous support it has received from the family of nations. Much support has already arrived, though issues concerning the good, efficient and transparent management of this assistance need to be addressed.