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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Friday, August 29
Diplomatic relations with Russia should be suspended

Akhali Taoba reports that the leader of New Rights Party Davit Gamkrelidze held a press conference after Russia’s decision to recognize Georgia’s breakaway territories as independent states.

“The first thing Georgia’s government should do is break off diplomatic relationship with Russia and with all states that support Russia’s decision. The Georgian authorities should immediately stop treating the Russians as peacekeepers and instead treat them as occupiers. The Georgian authorities should address the UN and discuss this issue there in order for the UN to condemn Russian activities on Georgian territory.”

Russia claims that NATO helps Georgia restore infrastructure

The Russian General Staff claims that NATO is helping Georgia restore its infrastructure, 24 saati writes. As its Deputy Head Anatoly Nogovitsin stated at a press conference, “with the support of NATO there are being carried out some actions in Georgia aimed at restoring airports and re-establishing Georgian control of air space.”

Mobile personnel will undertake IDPs registration

IDPs currently housed in discrete accommodation in Khashuri, Kareli and Gori will be registered where they are, Akhali Taoba reports.

As Giorgi Vashadze, head of the Civil Registry Agency (CRA) declared at a press conference, special mobile groups of CRA personnel under the Ministry of Justice will take care of this. All refugees living in Khashuri, Kareli and Gori in compact locations will be registered on site, while citizens staying temporarily with their relatives in these places must apply to the appropriate territorial office of the Agency.

The head office of the Agency at 67a Tsereteli Avenue will continue the registration of IDPs from Kurta, Eredvi and Tigvi. Residents of Gori can apply to the local office there for any identification document, as it has resumed normal working.

Adjara will make its contribution to Gori’s rehabilitation

Adjaran leader Levan Varshalomidze is in Gori, Akhali Taoba writes. He has visited places destroyed by Russian action alongside the President’s Envoy in Shida Kartli, Lado Vardzelashvili.

According to Varshalomidze the Adjara government will reconstruct one school and kindergarten in Gori as well as some houses. “With money allocated from the Adjara budget we will repair the school, kindergarten and some other places. We will try to finish our work as soon as possible so people can live in their houses very soon,” Varshalomidze stated.

Adjara has so far sent 150 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Gori, including 50 tonnes of wheat flour and 50 tonnes of potatoes.