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Will the Russian-US confrontation be transformed into the Third World War?

Friday, August 29
“The situation is really tense and it is hard to predict what the next step from the world leaders will be. Although it is the 21st century and apparently there are no signs of it so far, I think the recent developments will ultimately lead us to the Third World War.”
Ana, actress, 43

“It depends more on the US’s chosen policy. Anyway, whether it starts or not, Russia will not have an easy time with top leaders. Be sure, time will not work in favour of Russia.”
Maiko, journalist, 23

“I think this is a quite realistic prediction and recent developments in the world arena will lead us to a deadlock, whose sole solution will be the reassertion of the world’s supremacy. Therefore the world war will be unavoidable.”
Emzari, student, 24

“I don’t think so, anyway if this happens Russia will lose.”
Misha, economist, 35

“Oh, it would be a relief for me. I want the entire world to feel what Georgian people have felt facing this monster with its own forces and almost empty hands.”
Nana, dancer, 21

“Frankly speaking I don’t care about The Third World War, but my concern is that Georgia can become the fulcrum for their confrontation. God save us from this.”
Erekle, lecturer, 53

“I don’t think so, but we can’t rule out anything. As the international community seems to do almost nothing during Russia’s bloody aggression, everything is possible. Who will control the situation?! I didn’t imagine there would be a precedent of war in the world anymore, but we have found ourselves in such a disaster. So no one can predict what will happen.”
Manuchari, lawyer, 35