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Rescinding the State of War

By M. Alkhazashvili
Friday, September 5
Lifting the State of War is yet another step taken by the Georgian leadership to stabilize the situation in the country. The State of War has created lots of problems for business, and particularly for the country’s transit functions. Insurance companies for instance have refused to insure cargo passing through the country.

Chairman of Parliament David Bakradze explained to MPs that the lifting of the State of War does not mean Georgia is giving up the occupied territories. They are now under a State of Emergency. A special bill on the annexed territories will also be adopted by Parliament in the near future.

The lifting of the State of War has resulted in the suspension of the moratorium on criticizing the country’s leadership which the Opposition chose to observe during the crisis period. Leader of the Republican Party David Usupashvili has already said that there are plenty of serious questions which the ruling administration should answer if it wants the country to recover from the crisis. “The crisis cannot be overcome only through PR actions” Usupashvili says.