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Compiled by Eter Tsotniashvili
Friday, September 5
Special commission is working for IDPs

Opposition representative Jondi Bagaturia has demanded that the Georgian government give more assistance to IDPs, Alia reports. “How much attention we pay our people will be a sign of the dignity of our country. They should be a focus of the government’s attention,” Bagaturia said.

According to Chairman of the Georgian Parliament Davit Bakradze work on this issue has already started and he states that just two days ago a special commission was established involving the MPs Nika Rurua, Zurab Melikishvili and Otar Toidze.

Starting academic year a serious problem for Gori schools

One of the most serious problems in Gori is the approach of the academic year in schools which children who are now IDPs usually attend Alia reports. The full number of IDP children is not known yet. The start of the academic year is September 15 but it is unclear whether Gori schools will be able to resume on this date.

The situation is more difficult still in Gori’s kindergartens, where IDPs are living temporarily. If they stay there children will not be able to attend the kindergartens.

Kokoity is waiting to meet “the future president of Georgia”

Alia writes that the de facto President of South Ossetia continues to make inappropriate and scandalous statements. The leader of Tskhinvali criminal regime has stated that he refuses to meet President Saakashvili and is waiting to meet “a future Georgian President.”

“Saakashvili should not meet with me but international judges,” he has stated, adding that he had wanted to meet Saakashvili for three years to conclude a non-aggression agreement but Saakashvili never had time for it.

“In the future I will meet with a Georgian President who is legitimate and chosen by the Georgian people. The most important things for me are legality and constitutionality,” Kokoity said.

Georgia is ready to assist Russian citizens on Georgia’s territory

Georgia is ready to assist Russian citizens living in Georgia, said Minister of Justice Nika Gvaramia on September 3, Akhali Taoba writes.

“The Russian state is obliged to take care of its citizens, especially as under the pretence of care for its own citizens Russia is ready to start the third world war”, Gvaramia said. At the same time the Minister noted that the Georgia was, in turn, ready to assist citizens of the “hostile state” who were on the territory of Georgia.

“The Georgian state has implemented some humanitarian projects, including some which will benefit citizens of the hostile state, who are not guilty of anything as individuals. I am sure we will do everything possible to assist them, but it will be impossible to achieve results only through our unilateral assistance,” Gvaramia stressed.

On Wednesday morning officials of the former Russian Embassy took away the final remaining items - a flag and a plaque - from its building at 51 Chavchavadze Avenue.