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Is Tsotne Gamsakhurdia a political prisoner, or is this a genuine case?

Friday, September 5
“I think Gamsakhurdia is guilty. He has been living in Moscow for some time as far as I know and has probably had some links with the local political establishment, which is not well disposed towards Georgia.”
Kakha, driver, 45

“The Government wants to shift people’s attention from other things. This is the primary reason for Gamsakhurdia’s imprisonment.”
Mamuka, student, 23

“I cannot say anything. It was so unexpected. The Government needs to prove its allegations, otherwise this will be termed another political gamble by the current government.”
Eka, cook, 56

“I think both things are absolutely possible, as he was living abroad for some period of time, while on the other hand he could become another political prisoner in Georgia.”
Gurami, performer, 34

“The case is very serious and a proper investigation should take place. I hope he could not be a traitor to Georgia.”
Maka, saleswoman, 45