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Unity scheme splits the opposition

By Messenger staff
Tuesday, September 9
On September 5 the ruling National Movement and some political parties signed a document called the Charter for Political Forces in Georgia. At the signing ceremony the Chairman of the Parliament and others spoke about the commitment of different political forces to unite against the Russian aggression and share responsibility. However certain political parties have not subscribed to the Charter, saying that it is nothing more than a PR stunt, arranged by the ruling party to create a democratic image for Saakashvili.

One can see that the Charter has shown not the unity of political forces but the fact that they are split. The dispute over it has proven that the opposition is getting ready to ask the ruling party many awkward questions.

The Charter says that relations with Russia will be normalized under two conditions: the restoration of Georgia’s territorial integrity and the complete withdrawal of the occupation forces from Georgia. The document also stresses Georgia’s desire to join NATO, an issue which unites the whole political spectrum, and its efforts to integrate with the EU as far as possible. It also says that an Anti Crisis Council will be established to manage issues concerning democratization, reforms, and creating a dialogue-oriented political environment. All the signatories to the document thereby affirm their devotion to the Constitution.

In addition to the National Movement the document has been signed by the Christian Democrats, We Ourselves, Georgian “Dasi”, the Industrialists, National Democrats and two individuals - Gia Tortladze and Giorgi Tsagareishvili. Everyone who signs the document undertakes a number of commitments, in particular not to collaborate politically with Russia and condemn any alliance with it.

”We should be united in restoring territorial integrity, ensuring de-occupation and keeping our political struggles within the framework of constitution” said Giorgi Targamadze, leader of the Christian Democrats. Other opposition figures however not only did not sign the document but criticized it. Leader of Republican Party David Usupashvili said that the document promotes “simplistic truth,” and it is not clear what the Anti-Crisis Council is supposed to be. He believes the whole scheme is purely a piece of government propaganda. The New Rights concurs with this description of the Charter. Their representative Mamuka Katsitadze has said that its purpose is to help the leadership maintain its position. The Labour Party, as always outspoken, accuses the current administration of defeat in the war and considers the Charter a trick they have resorted to rescue themselves.

The Republicans and New Rights are preparing to submit the results of an investigation into the August events which will obviously be followed by acute discussion which will demonstrate to the people what really happened.