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Will Georgia win its case at the International Court of Justice?

Tuesday, September 9
“Georgia has fairly strong evidence against Russia, so it should ultimately win the hearing.”
Zaza, taxi driver, 34

“The hearing in The Hague will help Georgia launch another international attack on Russia which will increase the isolation of the Russian Federation.”
Marika, student, 18

“I do not see the reason for it. Probably Georgia will lose the case as long as Russia manages to influence international society and judges are directed to take particular action.”
Soso, lecturer, 45

“In my opinion, the Hague-based International Court cannot judge independently and it will merely add to the mainstream of political direction. It will help the EU and US’s cause against Russia, rather than opening up a new line of investigation.”
Mariam, hair dresser, 54

“It’s a mere a waste of time. The decision will not help those badly affected or dead as a result of Russia’s invasion, and what is the point of bringing the case in the International Court of Justice? If it would help Georgia’s position internationally, the decision could be justified.”
Lela, model, 21

“I don’t know, but it is a good thing that we are addressing The Hague. The more international attention we get the better it is for Georgia”
Ramazi, doctor, 49

“I think yes, we have a lot of evidence against Russia, if the court is fair we will win”
Leri, student, 23

“I hope Georgia will win the case, Russia has to be punished for all the crimes it has committed in Georgia.”
Gurami, sailor, 39