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What are the chances for an improvement in Georgian-Russian relations?

Wednesday, September 10
“I think this is out of the question, as long as the Russian political establishment does not want to negotiate with the Government of Georgia and leaves the separatists face to face with the Georgian leadership.”
Kakha, student, 23

“After the current Russian Government leaves office and more reasonable politicians come in, we can hope for some improvement, otherwise there will be no peace with Russia.”
Maiko, hairdresser, 34

“After what has happened there cannot be peace between Georgians and Russians. Georgia is a proud nation which will one day avenge everything Russia has done since the fall of the Soviet Union. The last empire of the world will break down.”
Levan, singer, 45

“None as yet, but in the future I think relations will be restored. There are too many Georgians in Russia, and Russians in Georgia, to completely destroy all connections.”
oba, technician, 29

“Relations will be restored as soon as they will give Abkhazia and South Ossetia back. I personally don’t feel hatred for the Russian people, the fault lies with their Government.”
Ramazi, musician, 50

“They will be restored in the far distant future, when the Russians are smart enough rid themselves of their imperialistic ambitions.”
Lado, bartender, 25