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Thursday, September 11 2008, #172 (1688)

Forced to back down, Russia still rattles its sabres

Russian military units are gradually leaving the territory of Georgia, while their Government is locked in tense negotiations with the EU. (more)

Georgian policeman at the Karaleti checkpoint

Georgian policeman Kakha Tsotniashvili was badly wounded by shots fired from behind the Russian checkpoint near Karaleti village (more)

The international community does not include Abkhazia and South Ossetia, says Georgia

Debate over the participation of the de facto leaders of Abkhazia and South Ossetia (more)

Russia will have an Embassy by the sea in Abkhazia

The de facto Speaker of the Abkhazian Parliament, Nugzar Ashuba, has stated that the “Government of Abkhazia” (more)

The News in Brief

School year to begin in Tbilisi September 15-October 1 (more)


Moscow cannot manipulate the CIS

The Kremlin threatened many times that it would recognize the regions of Georgia (more)

Press Scanner

"Bush to visit Georgia in October " (more)

If you were a foreign businessman would you invest in Georgia?
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