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Did you suffer from the flood?

Monday, September 22
“My house suffered a lot. I live on the ground floor and all the water came in. The flat and our personal belongings were heavily damaged. I wonder whether the municipality will compensate us?”
Leila, housewife, 45

“Actually it was not my house but my car which was damaged heavily. The wall of the building came down and my car was damaged in the process.”
Karina, hair dresser, 32

“I live on the sixth floor. My ceiling leaked with water. Now we need to do a little repair work. I live in the Isani-Samgori district. My neighbours were damaged more than my family. Some of the houses were filled with the water.”
Nino, teacher, 33

“Fortunately my district was safe. I heard about the flood on TV. I’m very sorry for those people. It is terrible when a natural disaster damages one’s property.”
Irma, accountant, 35

“I live on the eighth floor. The walls of the flat were ruined by water leaking from the roof.”
Natia, student, 18

“My flat was safe but I couldn’t move in the yard of my block. Water was everywhere. Luckily none of my neighbours were injured. Some of the flats were damaged a little.”
Lili, pensioner, 69