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Would you renounce your Georgian citizenship in order to return home to the conflict zones?

Tuesday, September 23
“I have never ever thought about it. It’s absolutely excluded.”
Maia, refugee, 25

“This offer has been made by the de facto officials several times, but has never ever been accepted by a Georgian. Such will be proven in this case as well.”
Rezo, journalist, 34

“If I was asked to renounce Georgian citizenship for any reason, I would definitely say no. Nobody has the right to demand that I reject my country.”
Lado, artist, 29

“I am Georgian, nothing can change that. My home is here.”
Dali, housewife, 42

“No one will accept such a suggestion. Although the refugees want to go home, I’m sure they’ll remain citizens of Georgia. I would do the same.”
Koka, student, 20

“I wouldn’t renounce my citizenship if I were asked to. I understand they want to go back home but their life won’t be ideal under the separatist regime.”
Ani, actress, 27

“I don’t know what I would do if I were a refugee. I think I wouldn’t renounce my citizenship.”
Eka, lawyer, 24