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Azerbaijan studies Gazprom proposal

Wednesday, September 24
Azeri Minister for Industry and Energy Natic Aliev has stated that Gazprom representatives have approached Azerbaijan with rather tempting suggestions. But this doesn’t mean that Baku has agreed to them. It intends to continue carrying out its own energy policy.

The country has many prospects, so it gives great importance to negotiations with Russian company. But Aliev has also stressed that apart from Azeri economic interests there are political factors to take into consideration in any talks.

It is known that in June 2008 Gazprom suggested to Azerbaijan that it purchase all the natural gas it produces. Georgia receives most of its natural gas supplies from Azerbaijan, as does Turkey, which plans to re-export surplus supply to Italy and Greece. So due to its current commitments, Azerbaijan has not much natural gas left to sell to Gazprom. As Russia is aware of this, the offer by its state-owned company could be considered as part of a Moscow-staged plot to undermine alternatives to the standard Russian gas supply routes to Europe.