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Compiled by Etuna Tsotniashvili
Wednesday, September 24
Axis constructs 100 houses in Kareli

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the Axis company will build houses in the Kareli region for 100 families, as it has been awarded a Government contract to build houses for IDPs.

Axis says that the company will ensure the efficient completion of the project and will finish all the building works in two months. Axis has undertaken a number of programmes of assistance for those forced to become IDPs by the Russian aggression.

Reporting Kokoity and Baghapsh to International Police is foolish

Republican Party member Tina Khidasheli thinks that the Government’s decision to report Kokoity and Bagapsh to the International Police as criminals is not a serious step to take, Akhali Taoba writes. Khidasheli is sure that no state will give the de facto Presidents up to the Georgian authorities.

“Declaring them wanted is very foolish when another person wanted by the Georgian Government, Irakli Okruashvili, has been given political asylum in France and has not been deported. We need serious decisions not PR,” Khidasheli says.

Kakheti endures natural disaster

The recent floods and hail have caused serious damage in the Telavi, Kvareli and Sgarejo districts of Kakheti, Akhali Taoba reports.

According to President’s envoy in Kakheti, Giorgi Gviniashvili, the most serious damage occurred in the villages of Gremi, Shilda, Eniseli and Sabueki. In Eniseli the entire grape harvest has been destroyed. 60% of the grapes in Tinandali, Kvemo Khodasheni and Busheti have also been destroyed by hail.

Gviniashvili said that a special commission has been created to assess the losses which will present its findings to the central Government.