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Time to call a spade a spade

Friday, September 26
The Georgian media is currently full of speculation about possible provocations from Moscow. The newly emerged “countries” which the world recognizes as Georgian provinces are expected to play a leading part in these actions. The Kremlin will use these entities as the means of fulfilling its dirty plans and then wash its hands of its guilt by asserting that they are “independent states,” and therefore Tbilisi should resolve any problems with them, not Moscow.

By creating and later recognizing separatist puppet “states,” Russia has not only violated international law but created a pliant mechanism it can use to conduct subversive actions and undermine the existing world order. It has already started doing this by not allowing EU observers to be stationed inside the breakaway territories, saying that these are “independent” entities and Sokhumi and Tskhinvali should therefore give their consent for every course of international action which would affect their “countries.” It is worth remembering, once again, that these so-called countries consist almost entirely of Russian citizens and are administered entirely from Moscow through its paid patsies.

The methods the Kremlin is using in Abkhazia and South Ossetia are not new. The Kremlin has been using them since the collapse of the USSR. It manipulated events in the conflict zones while at the same time claiming that its “peacekeeping mission” had been sent there to resolve any conflicts. How successfully it did so the world can now see.

Georgia knew what was going on. It repeatedly warned the international community of the possible threat, but in vain. Now Russia’s actions have unmasked it and its true face is now exposed to the world. We would need to be absolutely blind or ill-motivated not to recognise Moscow’s dangerous tricks.

Media News Agency has obtained the information that certain complications can be expected in mid-October from the Kremlin-manipulated separatists. These will coincide with the opening of the planned Geneva conference, enabling Russia to once again blackmail Europe and prevent it from tacking serious measures against it. The picture Russia will try to create will be: only the Russian Army can prevent the aggravation of this new conflict. What Europe should remember however, is that just as in August, it will be Russia which has created the conflict in the first place to benefit no one but itself.

The information received by Media News Agency confirms that Russian special services are training paramilitary groupings to carry out subversive attacks on the civilian infrastructure, military objects and probably transit facilities inside Georgia, thus damaging its transit image and undermining its economy and the welfare of its population. The Kremlin will loudly condemn such actions but only after financing and inspiring them. We have seen it all before, many times over. Maybe, finally, this time Europe will finally stop and think about what Russia is actually doing.