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Will Abkhazians become afraid of Russia’s planned mass importation of ethnic Russians onto Abkhazian territory and start to rebuild links with Georgia?

Friday, September 26
“Obviously, ethnic Abkhaz should be afraid of the Russian policy and I am sure most ordinary ethnic Abkhaz are, but their Russified elite cannot change its position, so there will be no change in this respect.”
David, student, 21

“Probably Abkhazians will become aware that this will bring serious problems for them and will try to find some solution.”
Maiko, political analyst, 34

“I do not know whether this is true or not, but I am sure that if they [Abkhazians] do not oppose it, they will simply disappear in the near future.”
Leila, doctor, 45

“Russia still acts with 19th century methods, and Abkhazians will soon bear the fruits of their stupid policy – from independence to assimilation.”
Gega, taxi driver, 34

“There will probably be some shift towards goodwill to Georgians and Georgia, but Russia will suppress this from the very beginning and there will be no chance for Abkhazians to survive the Russian machine.”
Naira, historian, 56

“I don’t think so. Russian influence is sufficiently big in Abkhazia. They always act according to the directives of Moscow.”
Zaza, doctor 55

“I’m sure Abkhazians don’t approve of what is happening now. Soon or late they’ll protest.”
Gvantsa, student, 20

“I don’t know. At present, Abkhazians are on Russia’s side. They think Moscow protects them, but one day they might find out that they are wrong. If Russia imposes this mass immigration, it might be profitable for Georgia and enable us to rebuild links with Abkhazia.”
Dali, hairdresser, 35

“Most of the Abkhaz have Russian passports. They trust Russia in everything. I think if Russia starts a mass immigration of ethnic Russians into the territory of Abkhazia, that won’t change anything, they’ll be welcomed.”
Sandro, engineer 25