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Do you think that human rights are well protected in Georgia?

Monday, September 29
“Unfortunately our rights aren’t protected at all. After the November street protests this became clear to us. The violence of the Government against its citizens was too far from democracy.”
Tamuna, teacher, 30

“There is certainly felt to be a lack of different expressions of opinion. TV channels always give one position only. The people are sometimes even afraid to express their opinion. I think human rights aren’t protected in the country at all.”
Mzia, biologist, 59

“There are a lot of cases where human rights are abused. The Government should change its policy.”
Nona, dentist, 47

“The biggest problem is freedom of speech. TV channels in Georgia act on the basis of the Government’s directives.”
Ani, student, 20

“There are a lot of problems connected with human rights. If we want to build a democratic country, we should resolve such problems as the lack of freedom of speech, unprotected property and unfair courts.”
Gela, engineer, 47

“No, I don’t think so. One of the biggest problems is finding fair courts in Georgia.”
Nino, nurse, 32

“I cannot tell you that each right is well protected in Georgia but the situation is not terrible either. I think that our Ombudsman is powerless and he should be changed because it is obvious that his word does not meet with approval.”
Giorgi, student, 21