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Russia to use economic levers

Tuesday, September 30
Russia’s plans to remove the Georgian leadership by force have been frustrated. Georgian analysts now think that Russia might start using economic levers to pursue its nefarious goals.

A US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee member, Democrat Christopher Dodd, does not exclude the possibility that Russia will try to activate economic levers. He thinks that Russia can manipulate the Georgian economy so much that life here will become so difficult that the authorities might be forced to resign.

As is known the US has promised to assist Georgia by allotting USD 1 billion. Both of the main parties in America support the granting of ongoing assistance to Georgia, as Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden confirmed once again during Saakashvili’s recent visit to the USA. Biden also thinks that the US has a responsibility to create stability and economic welfare in Georgia.

Biden reckons that Russia is already paying dearly for its aggression. It has lost almost USD 750 billion as a result of its actions in Georgia. The US has also suspended certain projects which it had planned to jointly implement with Russia and is also still against Russia’s admission to the World Trade Organisation.