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Compiled by Etuna Tsotniashvili
Tuesday, September 30
CARE begins home rebuilding process in villages north of Gori

Humanitarian Organization CARE has begun to proactively assist with the home rebuilding process in the villages north of Gori as of this week, Akhali Taoba reports.

According to CARE it has begun to compile detailed descriptions of damaged houses in Karaleti, Tortiza and Dzevera and will continue to do so in these and around 15 other villages until the end of March.

“This is the first critical step in identifying beneficiaries, categorizing shelter damages and determining the individualized assistance needed by every household. Simple rehabilitation works will start next week, relative to each house. We hope that all urgent needs will be addressed before winter,” Caroline Saint Mleux, CARE’s Emergency Response Team Leader, said.

CARE is to provide assistance with shelter and heating fuel. The assistance provided to beneficiary householders will depend on the damage inflicted on their homes and their capacity to create at least one warm room.

“Given the economic shock that all IDPs have faced in the targeted areas, the provision of quantities of wood for fuel will soften the economic blow of the conflict for returnee families and free up labour time within the family, allowing its members to focus on rehabilitation activities, reduce the risk of sex and gender-based violence and reduce the risk of mine and UXO related incidents,” says Wolfgang Gressmann, a CARE emergency advisor.

In many villages, houses have been looted and occasionally set on fire. At a first estimate approximately 30%-40% of dwellings have been damaged or destroyed. Up to 5% of the houses north of Karaleti are completely destroyed, mostly as a result of the fighting and by fire. The conflict also closed the supply route for firewood, as this was previously brought in from South Ossetia. For over 90% of village households, firewood is the main source of heating during the winter period.

Georgian Academy demands punishment of criminals

Kviris Palitra writes that the political movement Georgian Academy is demanding snap Parliamentary and Presidential elections as well as the punishment of people it considers guilty of misconduct prior to and during the August events.

According to movement representatives snap elections should be held in the spring of 2009 and the August events should be investigated. Georgian Academy says that the PM and other Minister should resign because they acted unprofessionally and immorally during Russia’s occupation. The movement also demands that the independence of TV channels is re-established and the Central Election Commission staff dismissed.

I will block the railway if you do not help us – landslide victim

Sakartvelos Respublika writes that the village of Tsikhisdziri in Kobuleti district has been damaged by a landslide. The Murtsvaladze family, which has suffered as a result of the disaster, is demanding some assistance.

Gogita Murtsvaladze says that if the state does not assist his family he will block the railway line with his invalid child. “I don’t have any other way to attract attention. My house was seriously damaged by a landslide a few days ago. I have an invalid child who needs medical treatment and lots of financial assistance. That’s why we don’t have enough money to repair the house. I demand financial aid from the local government,” Murtsvaladze says.