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Are you ready for the winter season?

Tuesday, September 30
“Not yet. The weather changed very quickly, just in the first month of autumn. So I didn’t expect it. I think the winter will be very cold and we’ll need special preparations for it.”
Keti, student, 20

“I’m prepared for the winter already, though there are some things I need to buy.”
Tamazi, economist, 29

“I think there is plenty of time before winter. I haven’t started serious preparations yet. My family has only just picked the grapes in the village.”
Giga, 18, student

“I think I am ready. I have just finished repair work at home and installed a new heating system.”
Giorgi, doctor, 41

“I never make any special preparations for winter. I buy some warm clothes and that’s all.”
Kakha, sportsman, 25

“I don’t think so, everybody says that we will have problems with gas and electricity because of the war with Russia.”
Svetlana, 65, housewife

“Yes. I don’t think this winter will be different from past winters.”
Salome, 25, waitress

“My family is in a comparatively good position and I think we will be OK, but there are a lot of refugees from Ossetia, the Government should take care of them.”
Yulya, 23, journalist

“No, this winter will be awful, I think we’ll be left without gas and we’ll have to go back to using kerosene heaters.”
Mariam, 50, teacher