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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Friday, October 3
Abkhazian artists creating sculpture

Artists from Abkhazia are creating a sculpture devoted to the Russian aggression, with the support of the legal Abkhazian Education and Culture Ministry, 24 Saati reports.

Work on creating a conceptual sculpture has already begun. It will have an original shape, representatives of the Education and Culture Ministry said. Weapon racks used by Russian aggressors in Georgia will be used as material for the sculpture.

“It will clearly demonstrate the cruelty of the Russian occupiers, and the long reign of terror Russia have inflicted on Georgian territory. The sculpture will probably be placed near Enguri Bridge or in the town of Poti,” Salome Kapanadze, Deputy Abkhazian Education and Culture Minister, said.

The Deputy Minister also mentioned that the Ministry of Defence will help the artists complete their work.

Border Police will employ men disadvantaged by the August events

Georgian Border Police will employ men under 35 who have been disadvantaged by the August events in various regions of Georgia as border guards, Akhali Taoba reports. According to the Border Police Press Service, interested persons should submit their ID issued by the Georgian Civil Registry and their Secondary or Higher Education diploma to the Personnel Department of the Border Police at Kandelaki str. 12. Candidates will need satisfy relevant physical criteria and will be assessed through interview.

Applications are already being accepted and will continue to be until October 14.

Three Russians become “Honorary Citizens of Abkhazia”

Separatist Abkhazian leader Sergey Baghapsh has granted three citizens of Russia the title of Honorary Citizen of Abkhazia, Akhali Taoba reports.

The First Deputy of the Committee of CIS Issues of the Russian State Council, Konstantin Zatulin, Vice Speaker of the State Council Sertey Baburin and the former leader of Adighe have been awarded this title. Sergey Baburin said Bahapsh granted them the title because they “had taken an active part in Russian- Abkhazian cooperation.” He also added that the title of Honorary Citizen of Abkhazia was established to mark Abkhazian Independence.