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Thursday, October 9 2008, #192 (1708)

Russian Church confirms Georgian Church jurisdiction

The Russian Orthodox Church has recognized the integrity of the Georgian Orthodox Church (more)

Moscow calls for embargo against Tbilisi

Russia has appealed for an “urgent” international embargo on the supply of offensive weapons to Georgia. (more)

Medvedev: Russian troops will be out by midnight

All six checkpoints erected by Russian troops have been removed from Georgian territory. (more)

Art Camp makes art even greater

The Institute of International Visual Arts and the British Council has hosted nine artists from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia (more)

The News in Brief

Hague Court to give decision on Georgia’s suit against Russia (more)


So what does Point 5 actually say?

Point 5 of Resolution number 1633, adopted by the Council of Europe on October 2, is causing political confrontation in Georgia. (more)

Press Scanner

"Recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia has isolated Russia" (more)

Do you think all the foreign aid will bring more jobs to Georgia?
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