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Turkmenistan natural gas transportation priorities

Tuesday, October 28
Turkmen Ambassador to Uzbekistan Soltan Pir Mukhamedov has highlighted his country’s energy transportation priorities. Its first priority is to develop the existing pipeline project promoted by Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Russia. It also supports the construction of a new pipeline connecting Turkmenistan with China, which is more than 6 500 kilometres long, 200 in Turkmenistan, 525 in Uzbekistan, 1,300 in Kazakhstan and 4,500 in China.

When this pipeline is built it will completely change the energy infrastructure of the region. When the facility starts functioning, Turkmenistan will supply 40 billion cubic metres of natural gas to China for 30 years. USD 6 billion is needed for the first stage of this project, which the Turkmen leadership hopes will create extra jobs in the country and facilitate the further development of Turkmenistan.