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Russian-Armenian transport connection problems

Wednesday, October 29
The Russian war against Georgia and its recognition of Georgia’s breakaway regions as independent states have created problems for the Russian-Armenian transport connection, which had previously functioned quite successfully, although with certain complications. Now no cargo enters Georgia from Russia. Larsi, the only legal connection between the two countries, was blocked long before the war started, and the only transport link between Russia and Armenia was via Kavkaz (Russia) and Poti ferry boat.

In 2007 Russia transported more than 80,000 tonnes of cargo to Armenia. The ferry conducted 40 trips. However it is unlikely that this boat will now be able to function. Russian politicians and analysts are now suggesting that Armenia look for alternative ways to maintain a transport link with Russia.

One option would be stabilizing Armenia’s relationship with Turkey, enabling goods to be transported through that country. Another would be to build railways connecting Armenia with Iran, meaning that cargo from Russia could go to Iran via the Caspian Sea and then on to Armenia. Obviously Azerbaijan will not allow the transportation of goods to Armenia through its territory.