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Who is the most solid, and who the most unstable, politician in Georgia?

Wednesday, Octomber 29
“I think that Giorgi Targamadze is the most solid politician in the country. I always listen to his speeches very attentively. As for the most unstable politician, I’ll name Shalva Natelashvili.”
Rezo, pensioner, 67

“I think that both the most solid and the most unstable politician in Georgia is Mikheil Saakashvili.”
Rati, economist, 25

“It is difficult to say who the most solid politician is. Georgia lacks such people in politics. But I can name the most unstable one. I think it is Gia Tortladze. He doesn’t have a stable political view. That’s why he changes his mind and party so often.
Inga, teacher, 39

“Davit Usupashvili from the Republicans is the most solid. The most unstable is Saakashvili.”
Marina, doctor, 57

“The most solid is Davit Gamkrelidze. The most eccentric is Saakashvili.”
Zviad, philologist, 60

“If there is a solid one, it is Konstantin Gamsakhurdia. Anyone who sits in this Parliament is unstable.”
Slava, consultant, 46

“Gia Maisashvili is the most solid, and there are many unstable ones. You can put whatever name you want.”
Lia, retailer, 44