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Uzbekistan withdrawing from Evrases

Friday, November 14
The Evrases Secretariat has confirmed officially that Uzbekistan has suspended its participation in the organization. The Secretariat confirmed that it had received an appropriate letter from Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov on October 20 concerning this.

It is not known exactly why this step has been taken. One thing that is known for sure is that Russia is upset by the decision. Russian analysts have made angry comments and predicted that Uzbekistan will now be isolated from international projects and processes. Knowing Moscow’s grudges against former client states which pursue independent paths, the step could indeed have negative consequences for the country.

Evrases is a Russian-brokered economic union, which envisages creating a unified customs and economic policy, concerning tariffs, prices and so on, in order to develop a common market system with Russia as its driving force. Without Uzbekistan its remaining members are Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova also have the status of observers.

Uzbekistan has previously done the same with GUAM, the economic alliance consisting of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Moldova. In 1999 Uzbekistan joined this, adding an extra U to the name, making it GUUAM. But in 2005 Uzbekistan withdrew from GUAM and joined EVRASES.