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Do you think Georgia has a chance of regaining its breakaway territories?

Friday, November 14
Of course we will regain our territories but in many years.
Lali, housewife, 34

I dont even want to talk about this subject. Georgia has suffered too much during the last military action. We have lost more than we had to regain. Its time we took care of the peaceful population.
Lali, doctor, 36

We have no chance of regaining the lost Abkhazia; generations have been brought up there without a Georgian soul and mind; South Ossetia can still be regained but its a matter of time. Its rude to use military action in regaining the lost territories; another way is a referendum, where we will by no means lose, too.
Nino, diplomat, 24

I cant forecast whether we will regain the breakaway territories or not but God will bless us and strengthen and show us the right way.
Nikoloz, pensioner, 69

The problem of the breakaway territories has been a burning issue in Georgia for ages. This is a very serious subject which cant be solved by war. Unfortunately this problem wont be solved, as lots of time has passed since this great loss. Georgian people should understand that we are a very small nation and we have to take better care of our future generations and bring them up as real patriots.
Davit, lecturer, 45

We dont have even a theoretical chance of getting our territories back. It is a great pity to say this, but Saakashvili has put a full stop to this issue.
Irma, music teacher, 52

As long as Russia is one of the strongest states in the world, we should not even think about our lost land. Maybe some day the Abkhazian and South Ossetian people will understand that they have made a mistake by joining Russia. Lets hope so.
Roman, mathematician, 60