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Do you think the Russian-Georgian war will be repeated?

Thursday, November 20
“No, it will not happen, because what Russia wanted it received last time, so I don’t think it will make further aggression on Georgia’s territory.”
Giorgi, economist, 35

“If it happens it will become World War 3, and it won’t be only a Russian-Georgian war any more.”
Misha, student, 21

“It’s quite possible, moreover our officials don’t hide that they expect some provocations from the Russian side.”
Ketevan, doctor, 45

“God save us! Only not with war! No, the war won’t be repeated because Georgia does not have enough of an Army to create some confrontation. What we had, we lost in August.”
Dali, pensioner, 63

“I don’t think that after so many negotiations and the involvement of international society the situation will become so tense that a new war will start between Russia and Georgia. I don’t believe the leaders of the two countries are as stupid as that.”
Gela, tourist guide, 26

“I have been expecting a worsening of the situation since the military actions stopped in August. There have been so many provocations from the Russian side. I am afraid of new clashes. It will be really terrible if the Russian-Georgian war repeats.”
Giuli, teacher, 61

“I really don’t know what to expect next. Nobody thought we would ever be involved in military action with Russia but it happened. It’s hard to predict anything, you know.”
Ani, dentist, 32